Making the rope longer…


Life is a journey from destiny to free will
Rajiv Vij,a Life and Executive Coach, on the debate between determinism and choice


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa, Swami Vivekananda’s teacher, explained it thus: “Man is like a cow tied to a pole with a rope, bound by the karmic debts and human nature, and the amount of free will he has is analogous only to the amount of freedom the rope allows.”

The argument strengthens the case for laws of nature to be causally deterministic of our lives. So does free will exist at all?

Yes, but it comes into play only when we make a conscious choice that we won’t be governed by conditioned responses.

Our ability to make meaningful choices is determined by our level of mindfulness at that moment – how aware we are of our true identity and how connected we are with our inner consciousness. This universal consciousness, alive inside each of us, can be a path to examining every situation with new awareness. But for this, we need to let go of conditioned responses and let our inner wisdom guide us.

Swami Ramakrishna completed his explanation of free will saying that “as one progresses on the journey of spirituality, the rope of freedom becomes longer”, allowing for greater access to authentic free will.

Source :TOI, 8th November 2009


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