Multiple Negatives


Watched a scene from Shrek 3 and couldn’t stop laughing

Pinocchio is a puppet. Prince charming (the villain) wants to know where Shrek is. And he asks Pinocchio coz if Pinocchio lies abt it, his nose will grow long.

Read how Pinocchio escapes by saying multiple negatives

Prince Charming: You! You can’t lie! So tell me puppet… where… is… Shrek?

Pinocchio: Uh. Hmm, well, uh, I don’t know where he’s not

Prince Charming: You’re telling me you don’t know where Shrek is?

Pinocchio: It wouldn’t be inaccurate to assume that I couldn’t exactly not say that it is or isn’t almost partially incorrect.

Prince Charming: So you do know where he is!

Pinocchio: On the contrary. I’m possibly more or less not definitely rejecting the idea that in no way with any amount of uncertainty that I undeniably

Prince Charming: Stop it!

Pinocchio: …do or do not know where he shouldn’t probably be, if that indeed wasn’t where he isn’t. Even if he wasn’t at where I knew he was

[Pigs and Gingerbread Man begin singing]

Pinocchio: That’d mean I’d really have to know where he wasn’t.


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Evolving and revolving! Douglas Adams & Woody Allen are my soul mates from another era. My quirkiness is an eclectic mix of Jess (New Girl), Dharma and Carrie Bradshaw. Sharing my birthday with Paulo Coelho & Stephen Fry, i'm always reading a book and enjoy having engaging conversations about life and love. I take children, wit and play seriously, very seriously. I'm a renaissance soul who enjoys yoga, vodka with cranberry and doodling. Working in the field of Education and Story-telling, there are only two things i look forward to: Knowing myself and Everything that matters!

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