Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium


There are times when you watch a trailor of the movie.. connect and sit to watch the movie.. and then as the story unfolds.. you are drawn into the world created therein.. and by the end of the movie.. you gasp and think.. why didnt i ever hear about or get to watch this movie before.. Stranger than Fiction was one such experience for me..

And Lo Behold.. i watched another movie.. , which took me through the same journey as before… and more interesting was a connection between the movie, which i realised later.. both the movies had the same writer.. Zach Helm.. (Both movies also had Dustin Hoffman, whose characters had the wittiest dialogues)

So incase you are a sucker for fanasty movies like me, which revolve around children and ALL THE CRAZY STUFF DREAMS are made of (literally), then you might enjoy this movie..

Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium

Favourite dialogues

Mr. Edward Magorium: Name the Fibonacci series from its eleventh to its sixteenth.
Henry Weston: Umm… 89, 144, 233, 377, 610?
Mr. Edward Magorium: Perfect. Number four, do we really need it?
Henry Weston: If you like squares – you do.
Mr. Edward Magorium: Oh, I like squares. Good. Now, the hot dog, the hot dog/bun ratio, why for the love of mustard are there never enough buns?
Henry Weston: Extra hot dogs…
Mr. Edward Magorium: Yes, but why?
Henry Weston: In case you drop a couple.
Mr. Edward Magorium: What kind of insufferable fool drops a hot dog?
Henry Weston: Anything can happen, sir.
Mr. Edward Magorium: Anything can happen. How absolutely true. You’re exactly the mutant I’m looking for! You’re hired.

Molly Mahoney: [after they have set all the clocks forward in a shop to strike noon at the same time] Now we wait.
Mr. Edward Magorium: No. We Breathe. We Pulse. We Regenerate. Our hearts beat. Our minds create. Our souls ingest. Thirty-seven seconds, well used, is a lifetime


About G...

Evolving and revolving! Douglas Adams & Woody Allen are my soul mates from another era. My quirkiness is an eclectic mix of Jess (New Girl), Dharma and Carrie Bradshaw. Sharing my birthday with Paulo Coelho & Stephen Fry, i'm always reading a book and enjoy having engaging conversations about life and love. I take children, wit and play seriously, very seriously. I'm a renaissance soul who enjoys yoga, vodka with cranberry and doodling. Working in the field of Education and Story-telling, there are only two things i look forward to: Knowing myself and Everything that matters!

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