Differently wired…


I beleive that people are differntly wired when it comes to opinions about a lot of things.  This article suggests the same

Compassion vs. Emotions – Paul Ekman

I found that what drove such altruists is what I call the “altruistic perspective,” a particular way of looking at the world in which altruists see themselves as bound to others through their common humanity.

Where the rest of us see a stranger, the altruist sees a fellow human being. This worldview is such a part of the altruist’s basic identity that it makes some actions—turning away from those in need, for example—simply unimaginable. It is analogous to the way we consider our options at a restaurant: It’s tough to get sushi at an Italian bistro; it’s just not on the menu.

So it is with the altruistic perspective: It presents some of us with moral choices that differ significantly from the options available to others. Altruists simply have a different cognitive menu.


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