Speaking tree : Centering


Everybody is seeking this fullness and this fullness is discovered by the sangama of three important dimensions. Once this discovery is made, you are overwhelmed with the fullness. Such a person is unruffled, in the most miserable set-up also he is unshaken. In the most pleasurable set-up also he is unshaken, because he is so centred.

Why is he centred – because, he says, “he has discovered his own Self ’’. Therefore, it is our great responsibility to discover it; transformation or enlightenment can never take place otherwise. And once it takes place, such a person is unruffled in the world, wherever that person may be.

Krishna points out, when you are so centred that when, in that state of centring, you start living in the world, you will be experiencing the world, but you will not be upset by it. To experience disappointment is different from being upset by disappointment. To experience failure is different from being unhappy about failure.

When one discovers this wholesomeness of one’s being, in that discovery of wholesomeness there is a certain centring which takes place, and in that centring fullness happens. Only in such a state of living can one experience a sense of joy, a sense of happiness; therefore, it is a great responsibility for us, irrespective of what life we are living, to learn to discover this state of consciousness

Source: Times of India


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