Eco-friendly : A pandemic called plastic


Excerpt from

“A pandemic called plastic”
by Gita Dendukuri

  • Some steps which can be implemented easily, immediately and universally include the following:
  • Equip yourself with alternatives to plastic carrybags — cloth, canvas, jute and thick paper bags can be reused several times before we discard them. They are biodegradable.
  • When you step out of the house, make sure you have a few of these bags of different sizes for unexpected purchases on the way. Make this an important habit .
  • Do not accept items from any stores in thin polythene bags. Keep your own bag of appropriate size and material ready to take in the items you buy — perishable fruits, vegetables and flowers; pre-packed items including provisions, medicines, confectioneries; minor items from hardware, electrical stores, etc.
  • For monthly groceries, make sure you have two or more bags made of tough material – jute, canvas, thick cotton or reusable synthetic bags — for different items — provisions, detergents and cleaning agents, other items.
  • Encourage your family and friends to carry their own bags (foldable, rollable, collapsible), and not be tempted to accept polybags.
  • Wherever feasible, make your own bags; gift bags to others.
  • Spread awareness by your active participation in reviving/promoting bags, containers, gifts, toys and display items made from natural resources such as wood, cane, bamboo and jute.
  • Think beyond temporary bans.
  • Restore, develop and promote alternatives which do not destroy the environment.

Ultimately, it is we the citizens who will have to initiate and aggressively sustain yet another strong ‘People’s Movement’ to save ourselves and our planet, as well as protect future generations against the prevailing plastic pandemic.

Source : The Hindu


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  1. Greetings for your article in The Hindu.

    We all know that our consumer culture has created a huge environmental footprint.Literally every shopping by every individual results in one more plastic bag thrown into the environment. Everything from sourcing the base materials of whatever it is we’re buying through to the manufacturing processes, the packaging, transportation and eventual disposal all result in pollution and thousands of tons of rubbish being disposed of in landfill every day.

    Unfortunately though, as nice and simple as the ideal answer may be, we simply can’t stop spending money and buying new products. Not only would the economy collapse (again!) but it’s simply not realistic in today’s world. And even if you limit your purchases to the bare essentials you’re still going to need to buy products to replace old ones as they wear out. And this is where eco friendly products come in. Eco friendly products are designed specifically to be as sensitive to the needs of the environment as possible.

    We would like to introduce ourselves as M/S Ecolife, Chennai. We are into manufacturing & supplying of bioplastic products. All our products are 100% biodegradable & compostable. We are certified with ASTM D 6400, EN 13432 & IS 17088. We are also certified with CIPET (Chennai), CPCB (New Delhi) & CFTRI (Mysore).

    All our products are called as ‘cradle to cradle’ technologies. Our products are made from Annually Renewable Non- GMO Resources. Our products are completely free from Petroleum, Polypropylene (Plastics) or Polystyrene. Our Products are Low Carbon & Low Energy Foot Print.

    We manufacture Shopping Bags, Carry Bags, Industrial Packaging’s, Garment Carriers, Dust covers, Garbage bags, Bio Cutlery, Bio Coated Paper products, We also serve many products to Hospitality Industry

    In Short Our Products are Completely Earth Friendly – A True Green Product.

    The Need of the hour is 100% biodegradable & compostable products. We as a nation think that littering is our birth right. With low levels of awareness among people, lethargic attitude of Corporates and complete apathy from government – if we cant change their habit at least they can start using compostable products.

    By using paper as a packaging we are causing more damage to environment by cutting trees and paper when degrades emit more green houses gases.

    With compostable products we have many benefits viz., As oil is becoming scarce and precious we can reduce our exposure to single use products. Farmers can benefit by producing more crops. Once composted we can send the sieve to the fields reducing the chemical dependance for fields and by using compostable sieve we can increase the soil fertility and can arrest soil erosion. We can also considerably reduce the carbon foot print in our atmosphere.

    We are very much Happy to know about your Green Initiatives. For any query’s do mail us / call us.

    Best Regards,
    Goutham. Y – +91 917 66 32567

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