Iron(wo)man : Self reliance


I admire what Anu answered to this question

How difficult is it to keep up the spirit with little or no support from the government? Ho do you turn to for support? And how do they (if they do) support you?

I get no support and I don’t think I am entitled. I believe athletes make all kinds of excuses for failure. My strongest belief is that if you love something, you will find a way to do it.

Once smaller athletes like myself start to get head-heavy and think that suddenly all the media and the support is going to turn in their favour, we have nothing but disappointment waiting for us.

My personal approach is to do my very best, with what I have. I don’t have any heroes or idols as my circumstances are very different from international or even national athletes.

This self-reliance is key to long-term sustainability.

Also this statement

Don’t grown-ups have a right to follow their passion and dreams too? We need a makeover in terms of how we define our relationship with nature… if more people could swim, run and ride their bikes, we would be so much happier

Source : DON’T MISS: India’s first Ironman is a woman!


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