Breathe 100 breaths every day


To awaken your meditative nature, there are certain kriyas and one powerful kriya is that you observe your breath. If you cannot observe your breath, then count your breaths. Make it your permanent habit from today that you will never spend a day without counting hundred breaths.

As you start it, in 10 minutes you will start feeling some changes inside. Don’t make any effort to breathe, let it be natural. Just count it. Counting your 100 breaths will awaken your meditative nature. Slowly you will start feeling that your life is becoming a meditationa¬¶ What does that mean? That means your life will be full of power, creativity and strength.

Do not confuse positive thoughts with ego. Such thoughts relate only to yourself. Positive thoughts are when you feel positive not just about yourself but about everyone around you. That again is born only with a meditative attitude.

Source : Live with a meditative attitude


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Evolving and revolving! Douglas Adams & Woody Allen are my soul mates from another era. My quirkiness is an eclectic mix of Jess (New Girl), Dharma and Carrie Bradshaw. Sharing my birthday with Paulo Coelho & Stephen Fry, i'm always reading a book and enjoy having engaging conversations about life and love. I take children, wit and play seriously, very seriously. I'm a renaissance soul who enjoys yoga, vodka with cranberry and doodling. Working in the field of Education and Story-telling, there are only two things i look forward to: Knowing myself and Everything that matters!

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