25 Things Successful Teachers Do Differently


A long way to go. but travel i will…

  1. Successful teachers have clear objectives
  2. A sense of purpose
  3. Are able to live without immediate feedback
  4. Know when to listen to students and when to ignore them
  5. Have a positive attitude
  6. Expect their students to succeed
  7. Have a sense of humor
  8. Use praise smartly
  9. Know how to take risks
  10. Are consistent
  11. Are reflective
  12. Seek out a mentor for themselves
  13. Communicate with parents
  14. Enjoy their work
  15. Adapt to student needs
  16. Welcome change in the classroom
  17. Take time to explore new tools
  18. Give their student’s emotional support
  19. Are comfortable with the unknown
  20. Are not threatened by parent advocacy
  21. Bring fun into the classroom
  22. Teach holistically
  23. Never stop learning
  24. Break out of the box
  25. Are masters of their subject

Source : http://www.teachthought.com/teaching/25-things-successful-teachers-do-differently/


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