Karma Yogi, Post 3 – Kamini Ramachandran, a story teller


Karma Yogi, Post 3 – Kamini Ramachandran, a story teller

Inspiring conversation by the pretty storyteller from Sri Lanka

Kamini ramachandranSetting off with a fundamental aim to tell stories to adults than children, she said, “It’s a dying art form and adults’ reach to children is huge.”She even conducts workshops in storytelling.

With 10 years of storytelling, she has a lot of stories in her mind, so how does Kamini remember them all? “I don’t memorize, I internalize. If I write something down, it will become a memorized script. I need to know the story, its symbols, motifs, etc. and how I weave it together is up to me.”

Storytelling being a spontaneous, intimate art dependent on audience reception, she constantly changes the way she tells a story and her narration is never the same twice.

Source : TOI


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