10 Daily Habits that will Empower and Strengthen you as a Professional Creative Person


10 Daily Habits that will Empower and Strengthen you as a Professional Creative Person

December 5th, 2012 | Alex Mathers

logo888There is no doubt that a large chunk of what determines the fortune of a person is rooted in the little things that we as people do every single day. As such, the power that lies in a habit, good or bad, cannot be overlooked as we all find a means to get ahead in this busy world.

Having discovered the functional beauty of using apps (software applications such as ‘Habit Streak’ on Android) to help chart the progress I make with my own habits in improving myself and contributing to the world, I felt it a good moment to turn to a set of habits that can be specifically meaningful to creative professionals reading Red Lemon Club.

The following habits range from daily steps you can take that benefit your creativity, as well as those that will have positive effects on the more technical aspects of your business. Overall, however, I’ve put together what I feel are a set of actions that complement each other very well.

  • Connect with 5 people
  • Do a self-assessment
  • Record all your expenses
  • Remind yourself of your personal mission
  • Check your targets
  • Make a quick earnings assessment
  • Clear your brain
  • Educate yourself
  • Do something nice for someone else
  • Work on your masterpiece

Source : Red Lemon Club


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