Faith can changes spaces


There are some place which you visit give you such peace and calm that words can’t describe. My visits to Theosophical society does that. What makes some places blissful. Read on


We all inhabit strong spiritual energies that flow from us into the space we inhabit. There are certain spaces that have a ‘calming effect’ even though they may not necessarily be marked as a sacred space. This ‘calming effect’ owes its existence to the spiritual energies the people frequenting these places carry. Humans are gifted with the tendency to personalise the space they are in. The aura of a space derives its worth from the people frequenting it.

What makes some parts of space qualitatively different from others is the strength of the vibrations emerging from those inhabiting it. It is looked upon as a void, an empty well that is filled with the hopes, dreams and ambitions of its devotees who believe that pouring their faith into this void will miraculously lead to its fulfilment. The joint faith of myriad members of a community empowers the void with strong spiritual energies and the constant human interaction with these forces leads to miracles. Thus, the attainment of peace and calm is the spiritual transfer of energy which, according to researchers, activates the kundalini or subtle energy systems in our body that is vital for spiritual growth

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Image source : Theosophical society 


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