End confusion with ‘Intent’


Excerpts from ‘The ingenuity of confusion’ by Karla Mclaren

The message in confusion from The Language of Emotions

The masking state of confusion arises when you can’t or won’t access your fears, or when you’ve lost your instincts. Confusion actually tries to protect you by halting your actions, but it can easily spiral into a persistent and unresolving state. It’s fine to be confused, but it’s important to know why confusion appears. If you can unmask your confusion, you can revive your instincts and intuition and discover why you’re unable to take decisive action.


Intention ends all ambiguity

My husband Tino, who’s a lucid dreamer, found the perfect cure for confusion in a dream, where he heard this saying: “Intention ends all ambiguity.” Since then, if either of us drops into confusion about some decision, project, or relationship, we ask each other “What’s your intention?”

This question immediately cuts through our fogginess and illuminates the struggles and difficulties we face. Our confusion lifts, our real feelings come forward, our focus and grounding come back, and we become able to think coherently again. From this place, we can thank our confusion for stopping us, because we always find something seriously disordered in our instincts, our behavior, or our intentions.

Knowing our intentions does end our ambiguity, and the saying is just as true if you say it backward: Ambiguity ends all intention. Many thanks to Tino and the dream realm; that’s a definite keeper!


Sometimes, questioning your intentions doesn’t get you to the crux of your confusion. In these cases, I’ve found that an elemental approach can be useful, because it can help you identify different aspects of yourself and discover if you’ve got an internal conflict that’s contributing to your confusion.

In this elemental approach, the fire element is your visionary (or spiritual) capacity, the air element is your intellect, the water element is your emotions, and the earth element is your physical body.

Read more : http://karlamclaren.com/the-ingenuity-of-confusion/


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