Between being and doing


Excerpt from Eckhart Tolle: The Easier Path

In some of your books, you mention the imbalance between the male and the female energy. Can you talk more about this?

Yes. Male energy doesn’t necessarily mean men, and female energy doesn’t necessarily mean confined to women. But male energy resonates more with doing, and the female energy resonates more with being. The world is out of balance because it is focused primarily on the doing, and there is a loss of the awareness of being. This is when stress and negativity arise: when people try to get things done and they no longer are centered within that aware space of being. You cannot feel your being anymore; you cannot feel the consciousness behind all the doing. So many women these days have internalized the imbalance and are also out of touch with being more focused on doing.

Both society as a whole and individual humans need to find some kind of inner balance between the ability to be still and the ability to do. Personally, I’m more in the feminine realm than in the male realm. I’m much more drawn to being than doing. Every human needs to look within to find some kind of balance. In the famous symbol of the yin and yang, the two sides are embracing each other. But in the middle of the white side there is a black spot, and in the middle of the black side there is a white spot. Even within the stillness, there needs to be the dynamic quality of doing so that you don’t go to sleep. And when you’re doing, there needs to be a stillness at the center. Otherwise you’ll lose yourself in the doing.

It sounds so simple, the idea of balancing presence and stillness. So why does it feel hard?

The difficulty is the shift from the old consciousness to the new, because the old consciousness still has a momentum behind it. When we step out of the old consciousness, yes, the transition may be difficult, but the more we embody and live through the new consciousness, life actually gets easier for us. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more challenges; the challenges will continue to come, but you’ll find you’re more capable of meeting the challenges when you aren’t creating the negativity around them. —S&H

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