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Learning from Religion


A post after a long time.

I was busy with work, however have been exploring a lot of articles and thoughts online.

This is one much needed talk on how to borrow ideas from Religion for every field.


Forge meaning, form identity


I could just listen to Andrew Solomon’s talk no matter what it is about.

Nevertheless, he subtle wit and oratory skills entrall me everytime.

Another gem of a TED talk

Recover your brain


I read the story of Simon Lewis, who recovered his functional skills after a car crash in the book ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul – Boost your brain’. He mentions about his INK talk which i have been wanting to watch.

He chooses to generously share his amazing story of using technology and the support of his family to become completely independent.

Erotic Intelligence


I got to watch some interesting videos today

This one on is about looking at desire from a place of selfishness rather than selfless love for the partner in a long term relationship.

I love how she explains that we need to cross over to the other side and watch this person in his/her fully glory and radiance rather than think of them as an extension of your own. If this is a sort of erotic intelligence, we can all learn it too.


Why we avoid being present?


This year of 2014, it is my intent to practise , being present in this moment.
Every moment I can bring my awareness to the here and now, as many times I can do it, I shall.

When we are trying to change patterns, it helps to know what are our challenges. This article gives us 5 reasons.

Subtle moments of missed connections


At some point in our lives, if we are truly aware,  we would recognize a fleeting glance that stayed longer than usual, but we missed the connection with him/her.

Visual representation done magnificently by Artist Sophie Blackall

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Handmade Portraits: Sophie Blackall from Etsy on Vimeo.

Karla McLaren’s ‘Emotion Theatre’


A short informative and useful video series which shows how emotions work in our psyche. the gifts they bring and the questions we need to ask to understand their purpose.

Always lurrrrve Karla McLaren‘s interpretations.