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What on earth happened?


I’m going to finish reading this amazing book which combines natural science and natural history in the most comprehensive and brief way possible.

A delight for anyone who wants to know “What on earth happened?”

A video showing the author, Christopher Lloyd, trying to explain everything in 20 minutes


Game on


How Video Games Have Mastered Learning Engagement

Agreeing on how to best establish what a learner understands isn’t simple — if for no other reason than understanding isn’t simple.

Gamification and game-based learning (which are different, by the way: the former uses encouragement mechanics to promote engagement, while the latter uses video-games as core sources of learning material or cognitive action) is one response.

By embedding diverse achievements into activities and assessments, learning progress can be refracted infinitely. These systems would be able to more flexibly respond to unique learner pathways and abilities, and would further serve as encouragement mechanics — instead of one carrot stick, there are hundreds. And not just carrots, but every fruit and vegetable imaginable.

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If all education were like this


What Ken Robinson thinks graduation speechs misses out informing us

 I was recently at a meeting in Los Angeles on alternative-education programs. These are for young people who have dropped out of high school and are designed to re-engage them in education. They’re all different, but they have some common features.

One is that they aim to connect with the individual interests, talents and learning styles of each student. They also help them discover the things they’re good at that they love to do. These programs work because they treat education as a complex, personal process, not a sterile, standardized one. If all education were like that, there’d be no need for alternatives.

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