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Karla McLaren’s ‘Emotion Theatre’


A short informative and useful video series which shows how emotions work in our psyche. the gifts they bring and the questions we need to ask to understand their purpose.

Always lurrrrve Karla McLaren‘s interpretations.


Create the art they create


Scene from the movie “Full Body Massage

NINA : If you’re talking about today — the way we live — it’s fear — that’s what
defines us …
Fear of change. Fear of the future. Technology transforming things faster than people can take in. It turns us into strangers, everyone. That’s why people create the art they create.

FITCH : Bad faith.

NINA : What is?

FITCH : Blaming someone else — something else — technology — as if we had no
responsibility for ourselves, our actions.

NINA : So what would you suggest?

FITCH: I suggest we look inward, all of us, for starters. And then, I suggest we
look outward.

NINA: And then do we all sit cross-legged on the floor, humming like gnats?

FITCH : We might. We could. Why not? Or else we could just go out and kill
all the gallery owners.

A beat, as Nina, amused, smiles to herself