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At the end Wilson is waiting for House and walks out with him. After making a comment about talking to his brother and then stopping, House says, “Go on.”

Dr. James Wilson:“I thought seeing him again would change everything. It would be wonderful or terrible. Instead we are just strangers.”
Dr. Gregory House:“Which is better than terrible.” Then House pauses.
Dr. James Wilson:”Go on.”
Dr. Gregory House:”Does it bother you that we have no social contract?”
Dr. James Wilson: My whole life is one big compromise. I tiptoe around everyone like they’re made of china. I spend all my time analyzing what the effect will be if I say this. Then there’s you, you’re a reality junkie. If I offered you a comforting lie, you’d smack me over the head with it. Let’s not change that.
Dr. Gregory House: Okay.
Dr. James Wilson: No. See this – if you were implementing the social contract, you’d say that to make me feel better.
Dr. Gregory House: It is kind of fun watching you torture yourself.
Dr. James Wilson: Do you think things will work out with my brother?
Dr. Gregory House: No… But when it does go wrong it won’t be your fault.
Dr. James Wilson: Thanks House.”
Dr. Gregory House: “You do actually like monster trucks.”
Dr. James Wilson:”Absolutely