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Regressive Indian Laws !!

“It (Indian Supreme Court) just told the world, the United Nations and the western media that while predators, rapists and the corrupt roam our streets freely, law enforcers with handcuffs dangling from their waists in the largest democracy will be on the lookout for adults who wish to have consensual “unnatural sex”. It just reminded the world that India is an intolerant and regressive state where liberal opinions are not welcome and modernity is a facade.”


For now, wisdom seems to come only out of the mouth of babes


Marriage Equality for Kids: The True Story of Central Park Zoo’s Gay Penguin Family, Illustrated  (Click to read entire story)





Gay day





It’s just a period


Imagine growing up with this baggage. Every single time you get your period and particularly once you’re over the age of twenty-three, your mother/grandmother/aunts and other womenfolk in your family lament the non-existence of your children. They argue that having a uterus and a healthy menstrual cycle means you must have children and ‘settle down’ because it’s your duty to bear children and settle into a domesticated life. It’s incredible, the sense of righteousness that society has, in informing women about their ‘sacred duty’ simply because of a natural bodily occurrence.

Do teenaged boys dealing with the embarrassment of ‘wet dreams’ get bombarded with well meaning advice on being a father? Then why are women subjected to it?

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Storytelling in Contemporary Rural India


Corinne Elysse Adams, a writer, middle school teacher, and traditional musician from Texas/Japan, and Shivani Gupta, a professional photographer and student of tradional South Indian dance, join forces to create a project of storytelling with more than just the spoken or written word..

Art of Expression: Storytelling in Contemporary Rural India