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Reason is one of the better angels


Feelings or rather gut feeling and intuition is something i believe that guides us to be passionate about something to stand up for something.

But inorder to make people change their minds in our favour, only reason seems to work. Steven Pinker and Rebecca Newberger Goldstein explain how and why with apt examples


Dont go overboard


Makes sense as to why i behave the way i do.

On a larger moral view, a study that showed that people who consider themselves very moral can become very bad cheats, because they believe their high virtue exempts them from the rules that apply to ordinary folk. It’s not difficult to think of examples of people who considered themselves to be highly moral, but made extremely immoral choices, or considered themselves to be very honest, but then cheated or lied in some shocking way.

Source : Do You Buy Green? Refrain from Nagging? Embody Virtue? Better Watch Yourself!