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Intersect Passion and talent


I think many parents would be familiar with this scenario where kids are just not interested in pursuing something they are good at. Any amount of advice on working on their strengths has no effect and eventually parents accept that it is time to move on and hope that the child’s interest will revive in future years. The desire to learn comes from within—a toddler will take any number of falls and yet pick himself up and try to walk till he masters it. Studies indicate that determined pursuit of a passion is linked to personal happiness—an individual will consistently persevere with an activity only if it gives him happiness.
We cannot generate passion for any endeavor in our children; having said that, there are some things that we can do to build passion once we identify potential areas of interest. Paying attention to the ideas that captivate them will help in identifying their interests. Also, it is important to remain attentive as their interests will change/evolve as they grow older.

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